Monday, January 3, 2011

In Memorium - The Lady in Red, a Dad favorite

'Twas a cold winter's evening, the guests were all leaving. O'Malley was closing the bar,

When he turned and he said to the lady in red "Get out, you can't stay any more."

She shed a sad tear in her bucket of beer, as she thought of the cold niiiight ahead.

When a gentleman handsome flew in through the transom

and these are the words that he saaaaid,

"Herrrrrrrrrr motherrr neverrr told her, the things a young girl should know,

about the waa-aays of college men, and how they come and go (mostly go-o-o-o).

Now age has taken her byoo-hoo-hoo-teee, and sin has left its sad scarrr,

So remember your motherrs and sisterrs booooys, and let her sleep under the bar


Diane said...

I thought it was O'Leary...

Suzy said...

I can't remember which bar she was in that night - could have been O'Leary's, could have been O'Malley's. Or Murphy's. The lady in red made the rounds.