Monday, September 13, 2010


An individual known as "der Geisterfahrer", or "ghostly driver", is also referred to as "der Falschfahrer", or "wrong(way) driver", and is much feared on German roads, especially the autobahn, where he/she can cause an understandable amount of confusion, if not death and destruction. Motives should always be considered, however, and some Gesterfahrer might simply be disoriented, or tired, or purposely and purposefully headed in the "wrong" direction with a distinct goal in mind and intent on avoiding oncoming traffic. They might even be driving on the shoulder of the road, or during low-traffic times, so as to cause as little concern as possible. In the song by the same name, the German pop group, Tokio Hotel , is centered on an attempt by a man to reach his true love, even though he has had to make a 180 degrees turn on the roadway.

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Diane said...

Great post, Jim! So glad you're writing here! And I like Tokio Hotel--think they'll make it onto my ipod now.