Sunday, July 25, 2010

Navel Contemplation

by Suzanne

When the suggestion arose among the sisters to start a family blog, I wasn’t too sure what I thought. I have a lot of second thoughts about nearly every real decision I make, a lot of over active hindsight. These thoughts, this hindsight arise from the tremendously insecure part of my personality. Perhaps it does in everyone Would I blog my heartfelt feelings and then hate myself for exposing my tender underbelly to others (who would no doubt be rolling their eyes at me, worse yet snickering)? Would I be erudite and clever, only to look back and see myself as a pretentious fool? Or, is the whole thing meaningful only in the moment of the writing, and less so in the reading – are blogs just high tech navel-contemplation? (thanks, Em, for that image – I just found a speck of lint, I think).

No matter, really – if only a few family/friends find a few entries interesting and thought provoking (or more importantly, funny – we ARE funny girls, after all), then that’s good enough for me. In the words of Bette Midler…Oh, never mind, this is a family show – but you know the line I mean. The line about “…if they can’t take a joke”.

So, we are all 5 pretty amusing (as well as most of the next generation) – and not just to ourselves and each other, either. People are often surprised when I say something funny . I don’t know why they’re that surprised, really. Maybe it’s the sideways presentation. Maybe it’s my usual mumble with the clearly understood funny bits slipped in willy-nilly. Where do we get this? Because we all do it, though Diane and Caroline don’t really mumble. Jim’s the master mumbler – on that we can agree. Sitting next to him at a family dinner is pretty amusing – but no one else can hear his little cracks. Just him and the one next to him. Dad suspects – but can’t really make it out.

Anyway – this is my inaugural blog post. I’ll be brave again in the future.


Caroline said...

Suzy mentioned the Bette Midler quote last night. Bizarro.

Suzanne said...

that WAS me, silly.(Suzy)

Manic Pixie Dream Girl said...

Love it. <3 RITE MOAR PLZ.

Suzy said...

so, we've all agreed that Mimi fine-tuned the mumble/zing combo. Thanks Mimi - you are/were amazing!