Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Need More Silver

Our grandparents were so consistent with the sweets they gave us that there are some things that I just can't pass up at the store. I suppose the cookie brands may have changed from Jim to me, and Dad doesn't remember Boppy ever giving him cookies. Being the last grandchild, it is quite possible that I was insanely spoiled.

I have the most distinct memories of Boppy's kitchen, both the Rock Hill house and the apartment on Adams. Prairie Farms vanilla ice cream (in the cream-colored bowls) with Keebler Soft Batch cookies are right up there, which followed Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese. He never added butter, and neither do I. I now feel that adding butter is extravagant, and sometimes don't even use milk. That's probably a mix of Boppy and of Mom's severe frugal nature. He loved KFC and Snickers for his birthday, and Emily and I once received the best thank-you note for the birthday Snickers. I still have it! Mom and Dad would drop me off at Boppy's and go out, but would return later with Ted Drewes in a paper bag. I still associate frozen custard with Lawrence Welk.

Bop used to give me cash to walk down to Freddie's Market for Double-Stuf Oreos. We'd put them in the silver chafing-dish, which I think helps one to not scarf them immediately. In college I once picked up a package at the Kirkwood Target, and they were gone by the time I got to Laclede Station and Watson! I feel in some strange way that Oreos pay tribute to our family, and for that I refuse to feel guilty.

And the Lubeley's. We all love it (except for Dad) and it is just not a birthday without it. I prefer it frozen, and could really just eat the icing. We as a family are so consistent/predictable that A: we call the cake by the bakery's name (it's a Dobosh Torte) and B: when one of us calls in an order, Lubeley's will ask if it's for a Hixson. I hear they are now in cupcake form, and I intend on flying back to New Orleans with some. August 10 is around the corner...

Happy eating...and running!


Diane said...

Fabulous post, kleine Schwester! This must explain why I love Oreos so!

Emily said...

Lubeley's tomorrow!

Suzy said...

I LOVED the Lubeley's. I have to say, I wasn't really tempted by the imposter cupcakes.
And I love Mom's stashes of all kinds of chocolate all over the place. (not as much there now, since my visit)